Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am sorry... but your daughter is...

Youko was known to be the biggest bully in her school. When she got ill, everybody agreed it was karma that got her in that state.

Everyday, she was in the hospital bed waiting to figure out what was exactly wrong with her. Youko's mother decided to take a picture with her daughter in the bed one day on Youko's birthday.
Youko's mother was suspecting one of her classmates had cast a curse on Youko, and she wanted to get the picture analyzed by the local monk.
After a few days of Youko's birthday, she passed away.

Youko's mother was angry more than sad, knowing that Youko was a bully gave some of her classmates the suspecion for her death. When the picture came back from the camera shop, she was in shock. (this is when there was no degital camera) Half of Youko's face was twisted and dark, looking as if she was screeming while being tortured. The man working at the camera store seemed hesitant to give the picture to Youko's mother.

Youko's mother ran to the local monk, showing the picture to him demanding that he tells her who was the cause of her daughter's death. The monk fell silent...

When he opened his mouth, he said

"I am sorry, but your daugher is in hell."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The accident

Two couples were going out on a drive. Unfortunately, they ended up having a big accident.
When Hitomi woke up, she saw Takeshi and his girl friend Yuka.
“Thank god you are alive!” Said Yuka, rubbing the tears off her eyes. “We thought you were dead!”
Hitomi got up, and noticed she was in a small cabin.
“I carried you to a near by empty cabin, I thought it will be better to stay warm.”
“Thank you guys, but where is Kenji?” Hitomi said, looking for her boy friend.
“Did you leave him at the scene of the accident!? What if he’s hurt?”
Takeshi and Yuka got quiet, a gloom expression shown on their faces. That is when there was a knock on the door.
“Hey, Hitomi! Are you there? Answer me!”
Hitomi rejoiced! She ran towards the door to open the door to greet her boy friend. That is when Takeshi yelled to Hitomi to stop.
“Hitomi! Don’t open the door!!” He came for you, don’t trust him and stay with us!”
“What are you guys saying? He’s my boy friend!”
“Hitomi don’t! Kenji is…. Kenji is on the other side now…..” As Yuka finished her sentence, she started crying again.
“What are you doing Hitomi? Open the door!” Kenji yelled.
Did he come back from the dead to take me with him? I can’t believe it! Kenji wouldn’t do such a thing!
“Why Kenji!? Why did you have to leave me in this world!?”
“Hitomi, we can still be together. Come with me!”
“Don’t open the door Hitomi!” Yuka and Takeshi kept on yelling.
Hitomi was confused. She loved Kenji, but she didn’t know what he will do once she opened the door.
Kenji started to cry, and begged Hitomi to open the door.
“But Yuka and Takeshi tells me that you are dead! What do you want from me!?”
Kenji started to bang the door harder, telling her to get out. “Hitomi!! I am not the dead one! Yuka and Takeshi were the ones who died in the accident!”
Soon as Kenji told Hitomi the truth, she felt Takeshi grab her hand. Hitomi opened the door as soon as possible.
She noticed that she was in the hospital, and Kenji was crying above her.
Hitomi thanked her instincts, and fell horrible for the lost of her friends. What was worse for Hitomi was the fact that her friends wanted to take her with them.


Astory about a tunnel. Tunnels in Japan are used in many supernatural topics.
Once, two couples decided to check out a haunted tunnel up in the isolated highway. They were all very anxious, especially Yukio who is very curious about ghost and spirits. His girlfriend was the complete opposite, but she decided to go along anyway.

When they reached the tunnel, Kaiya whispered to his girl friend about how stupid Yukio is to get carried away for these kind of things.
Yukio, stopped the car in front of the tunnel, and looked back to Kaiya and Kaiya’s girl friend.
“Hey, I heard that. You guys, we are going in the tunnel. Let’s not joke to give respect towards the ghosts ok?”
Suddenly, it started to rain very hard. Yukio’s girl friend had a bad feeling about this, but kept her mouth shut.
Yukio drove through the tunnel, which was a good 700 meter drive. Nothing happened.
“Ok, I am going back and forth until SOMETHING happens.”
She Yukio drove back and forth the tunnel. All of them started to get bored, and there was silence in the car. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the rain hitting the car.
As Yukio drove through the tunnel the 5th time, it started to rain harder. Suddenly, Kaiya told Yukio to leave as soon as possible.
“What? Kaiya, come on! Nothing happened yet!” Yukio whined.
“I said, GO NOW!!!”
Yukio sensed that there was something wrong, so he immediately hit the accelerator. Soon as they reached a town, Kaiya told everyone to get out of the car.
The girls were crying by now, seeing how Kaiya was acting weird. Yukio mumbled as he left the car with the others. But soon, something caught their eye.

There were hundreds of bloody hand prints on the car.
The girls let out a gasped, and Yukio turned to Kaiya.

Kaiya turned to the others and said, “I thought it was weird that it was raining inside the tunnel.”

The girl

There were several friends who decided to go to the mountains to see a famous spot that was suppose to be haunted. It is a old tunnel, that was said to contain a womans’ ghost who had lost her legs in a car accident. The friends drove up to the tunnel, but finally gave up since nothing happened.

On the way back, the driver kept on talking about what of waste of gas it was to drive all the way up there. The driver kept on talking to the guy in the passenger’s seat, but Taiga, the guy sitting in the back, noticed something very weird ahead. It was a girl, in the middle of the night. She was wearing black clothes so it was hard to see. Taiga tried to catch a glimps of her face, but she had her head turned away. He decided it was just a mistake.

But as they drove back to the city down the mountain, Taiga was shocked to see the girl again. The same hair, the same black clothes. She is still standing with her head turned away.

“How could I see her again? She can’t be ahead of us…. We are in a car!”

But every 3 minutes, he notice they were passing the girl again and again. The same girl.

Not only that, each time they were passing he, she was turning her head slowly towards the car. The last time Taiga saw the girl, her pale cheek was apparent.

After the driver let Taiga and the other friend off at the train station, the other friend turned to Taiga and asked if he saw the girl.

“You saw it too!? OH man, that was really creepy! I think it was only Takashi (the driver) who didn’t notice her.”

After talking a while, they decided to call Takashi to see if he was ok.

“Hey Takashi, it’s us. We just wanted to see how you are doing.”

“I’m doing fine. We just saw each other a few minutes ago, you guys are weird.”

“Ok, we just wanted to check if you got home safely.”

“Yeah, I see my apartment now. But what’s up with the girl smiling at me in front of my apartment?”

That is when the line got cut off. That night, the police found Takashi dead in front of his apartment. They also found out that Takashi’s car contained the DNA from a girl who was a victim of a hit in run a few months ago. Taiga saw the picture of the girl, her age and hair cute fit perfectly with the girl that was fallowing them that night.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Networking website

Story from experience

This is what I encountered when I was getting into all those social networking websites. I haven't seen my friends from high school for 6 years, so i decided to find how they were doing now. I found that my old tie friend was a member on a minor social website. I was so excited to see her, so I added her to my friends' list. After a while, I got a message from her saying she wanted to chat with me.

Kaya "Hey, long time no see."

Me "Wow Kaya! How have you been? It's been like 6 years since we talked!"

Kaya "Good, and you?"

Me "I am doing ok! Where are you now?"

Kaya "I went back home. I was wondering if you are still around."

Me "No, I am not in Kayeki-cho anymore. I am working in Tokyo right now."

Kaya "Tokyo is nice. Do you remember the time we played together? At my house?

Me "I never went to your house. You lived near to Yuki right? I think it was too far from my house to go visit."

Kaya "Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Where did Yuki use to live?"

Me "It was in Takagi street. Across from the par. You lived right across from her, remember?

That is when Kaya stop replying. Not only she stopped replying, but she closed her account in 10 minutes. I had a bad feeling, so I went out of my way to call Tubomi, that was good friends with Kaya.

"Wait, I will call you back soon as possible." Tubomi said, and hanged up.

Two hours later, Tubomi called back.

"Thank god you told us about that. We finally found Kaya's stalker outside of her parent's house after you called me. He has been chatting with you from a nearby cafe, pretending to be Kaya."

It turns out that he has been bothering Kaya for a while, so she decided to go back to her parent's house to run away. The police was only able to do something about him when they had enough evidence to put him in jail. This time, the stalker had a knife with him, so they were able to put him away as a threat.

I felt stupid to give out Kaya's information away to him, but I was happy to hear that it contributed to the stalker's arrest.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I was having problems sleeping at night, and I was going through "Kanashibari," almost everynight. I think a lot of it had to do with me moving out of my old apartment, moving into this one. I wanted to stay at a more "up-Scale" place, so I can could bring my friends over. There was nothing wrong about my new place, except for the "Kanashibari."

Kanashibari is a phenomenam where your body wont move. It is quite commen in Japan, where many Japanese people have said to experience this.
It is said to be caused by the supernatural.....

By Kanashibari got worse, and I realize that everytime I felt my body going numb in my bed, I could see someone standing in the corner of the room.
I cant move, or talk during "Kanashibari," so I just move my eyes to glance over to the corner. It is a man, and he is not someone from this world.
He seems quite content, standing and staring at me.

At first, I was annoyed and scared of this ghost, but I realize he doesnt do anything. He just causes my Kanashibari, and he stares.
Soon, I will fall back to sleep and I will wake up the next day.

I thought he was harmless, until months had passed by. My body was weak, and I was losing weight because of lost in apetite. My hair was starting to thin out, and I always had dark circles under my eyes. When I went back home during a weekend, my mother made me go to the hospital. The doctors couldnt find anything wrong, so I told her about the ghost that lives in my new apartment.

She was furious.
We went to a temple together, and told the monk about my story. He told me to pray during my Kanashibari. In my head, instead of thinking about how to go back to sleep, I should pray.

Namudaidabutu.. are the chants for my prayers.

When I went back to my apartment, I felt a chill. It felt like, something was angry that I left for a few days. Before, this ghost wasnt much of a threat. But soon I realize that it might be something more than a man's ghost.

That night, my Kanashibari happened again. Soon as my body couldnt move, I saw the ghost in the corner of the room. I assumed, that the ghost will stay in the corner as always, but it turns out that it wont...
It took a step, than another.......
When he was close enough, I could see his face.

Oh Shit. There was something very wrong about his face....
It was way pass angry, but more like an insane frenzy going on in his head.

I started to pray, and I prayed fast as I could..
Namudaidabutu, Namudaidabutu, Namudaidabutu......................
I kept on going and going.

The ghost, seemed to notice I was praying....
He started to twist his face, and he let out a big scream like he was in pain.
After a minute, he was gone.....

I kept on praying for a few minutes, but soon I realize everything was ok.
That's when I heard

"Do you think praying helps?"

The words came from right beside me, fallowed by a deep low laugh.
I fainted...

The next morning, I moved out of the apartment as soon as possible....
I am never going back there again
More about Kanashibari? Check Wiki.

An old hotel

I ended up staying in a hotel in Nagasaki. It was only for a night, since I had a conference for work. It looked refurnished, but you can tell it was old.

But my friend warned me. A lot of people were killed here caused by a fire from the bombings during WWII, and some guest staying at the hotel encountered weird occurrences. Before the fire, the hotel was said to be a jail or a mental institution. I didn’t care that much, since I wasn’t much of a believer of the supernatural.

That night, I put myself to sleep with the little help of vodka. Work hasn’t been going so well, and the meeting I was preparing was making me nervous.

I waken up after I heard a huge BANG at the door.
I didn’t know what was going on, and I still was quite disoriented from all the drinking I been doing.
But the noise was persistent….


Someone wouldn’t stop knocking on the door.

"I’m sleeping!!!! What time do you think it is!?" I yelled back.

"Get me out of here!! Get me out of here!!! "

I thought someone might be drunk, so I kept on ignored whoever was behind the door. It sounded like a man….
But then, I realized it wasn’t a drunk man. As the scream grew louder, the content of the yelling seemed to be way off from what a drunken man will babble on about. Not only that, there were several people yelling at the door.

“I’m burning in here!! I am burning Let me out of here!! Why are you letting us die like this!"

The people sounded angry, but pleading at the same time. I never felt so afraid in my life, and I hid under the covers… hoping the noise to go away.

The next morning, I told my friend about the incident. The same friend who warned me about staying at the hotel. After I told the story, we looked at each other… It was painful to think about all the people who were killed by the bombings in Nagasaki.

"I am just happy, that I was on the other side of the door. If those angry ghosts were in the room, who knows what they might do. "

I said, reminding myself how terrified I was…

My friend nodded, but took a pause to think

"But, if the ghosts said Let me out, doesn’t that mean that they were in the same room as you"

I froze. I realized I spent a night in a room filled of ghosts.